17 Memphis channels the midpoint between classic country, future pop, and modern rap production. Country music’s newest duo 17 Memphis bring their own unique sound to the crossover genre game with one specific goal: to break the rules.


With sounds similar to peers Sam Hunt and Florida Georgia Line, 17 Memphis offer a fresh aesthetic to country music that fans have yet to experience listening to mainstream country radio.


Felix Snow and Chelsea Todd, the voices behind 17 Memphis, may be new to Nashville but neither is new to the music scene. Both consider the group a natural progression from their pop collaborations. Snow, originally from Connecticut, is an award-winning platinum producer who grew up influenced by The Grateful Dead and The Beach Boys. His most recent work includes the multiplatinum single “Gold” by Kiiara, and has also written and produced for Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and Katy Perry. 


Chelsea, a small-town girl from Texas, grew up singing Patsy Cline but later transformed her sound while creating and writing for her pop project, TYSM, on Snow’s label EFFESS Records. 

A cross country road trip and a stop in Tennessee became the inspiration to kickstart the duo’s country endeavor. A fresh acoustic guitar and a Memphis hotel room would become the breeding ground of the first song written as a duo, the inspiration behind their unique name, and the beginning of a romantic relationship.

“17 Memphis Use Their Crossover Pop/Country Sound to Win Over Fans”


“17 Memphis Aim to Push the Genre Forward With Bold Country Sound” 


“17 Memphis is Bringing Something New” 


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